About Nikki Knight

Hi, I’m Nikki Knight and I’m a freelance copywriter and blogger. I’m a 30 something married mum to a unicorn mad 9-year-old and a dinosaur mad 4-year-old. We live in Lydney, Gloucestershire in the beautiful Forest of Dean on the English side of the England/Wales border.

My background

My background is in education, specifically special educational needs. I have a BA Hons in Education with Intellectual Disabilities and have worked in both Primary and Secondary schools. As part of my degree, I studied children’s literature and this is a particular passion of mine which fortunately I get to indulge in more and more as my children grow older.

I must confess I’m a bit of a bookworm, there are stacks of books all over my home. It is this love of reading and also the beautiful English language that led me to gain a diploma in editing and proofreading. This then led me on to copywriting and I’ve recently launched my own blog site to act as a showcase for my blogging and as a creative outlet.

When I finished working in education I spent over six years working in local government which again has allowed me to further develop my copywriting skills.

Nikki Knight professional copy editor and proofreader

How did my business start?

I’d always toyed with the idea of working for myself, creating my own little empire and setting my own rules. I tried different things in the past but nothing got past the ideas stage. Sadly in 2019, I had the most horrific six months of my life; I went through an unexpected bereavement, a disciplinary investigation based on false allegations and then served as a juror on a heinous case. It dawned on me that life is both precious and too short to spend it doing something you hate.

Clearly winning the lottery wasn’t going to happen so self-employment was my only option. It also dawned on me that if you want to have a successful business you need to really work for it, it won’t just fall in your lap, you need to put the hours and the blood, sweat and tears into it. This was where I had struggled before, I naively hadn’t really realised that it wouldn’t “just happen”. This time was different because this time I had discovered networking!


Alongside my business, I now run a local holistic networking group for female business owners. I love taking part in networking within an online community of strong female entrepreneurs and I’ve made some friends for life through it.

When I first started networking I joined a nationwide group for mums in business. I was completely overwhelmed to have found a group of women, who were not only thrilled to see each other succeed but were also incredibly willing to share their knowledge and expertise to help others progress.

I found this support invaluable in helping me get my business up and running and I still find it essential now. Having a group of women you can turn to for guidance is vital, especially when you are a sole trader. Having a support community is essential and not just for business advice, it is a fabulous resource to turn to for recommendations for everything you can think of and also seek support for non-business related queries.

I certainly couldn’t have set up a business without this help so it became a passion of mine to provide a network for others. Forest of Dean Biz Women was born. If you would like to find out more, click here.


At first, I started blogging because I HAD to for my business. Once I started I realised just how much fun it was as it is much less formal than other styles of writing. I began to enjoy blogging so much that I started blogging for my clients which is great because it allows me to research things I wouldn’t normally do. It also gives me lots of opportunities to showcase my work. If you are interested in outsourcing your blog writing to me, please fill in the form on my contact page.

I’m now writing my own blog which is a family, dog and lifestyle blog as well as an informative business blog. I love to write about a whole host of things that relate to my life: family days out, family holidays, food & dining, dog-friendly places I’ve visited and parenting advice. If you are in need of a blog partnership or collaboration for your product, service or event, please contact me via email (nikki@nikkiknight.co.uk) so that we can discuss further.

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