Being a small business owner is flipping hard!

Small Business Owner Overwhelm

There’s so much you need to get your head around and outsourcing everything can be prohibitively expensive. There’s so much that you are told you need to be doing to get your business seen, you are also told that you don’t have to do everything all at once. Knowing who to listen to can be tough, I know, I’ve been there. I would have loved to get experts on board to do everything for me so that I could get on with doing what I loved but I just couldn’t afford it. I also love to know how things work and how to do things for my business by myself so that if something goes wrong, I know I can sort it out.

This meant that I threw myself into learning how, and more importantly, why, I should be using social media, scheduling, websites, mailing lists and newsletters, blogging, graphic design… and on and on, the list is endless! On top of that, there is the added pressure of knowing what content to even create in the first place. For me, that wasn’t a problem. For all of my clients, it was the first barrier, after all, that was why they came to me in the first place.

As I’m sure you can imagine, over the years I’ve learnt a lot of the tech behind the content from the experts. Now is the time for me to bring all this together to create a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. All of the support you need is coming together in The Ultimate Content Mastermind.

Are you an overwhelmed small business owner?

Social Media Overwhelm

I spend A LOT of time talking to small business owners. One of the biggest barriers they have is knowing what to do with their content once they’ve written it.

All the different platforms can be a nightmare to negotiate, there are just so many things to get to grips with: websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, scheduling, onboarding questionnaires, graphic design, contracts… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I’ve worked my way through and negotiated all of these which is why I am thrilled to be able to help you navigate your way through them too.

By joining the Ultimate Content Mastermind, not only will you get support to write your content, but you will also learn how to effectively use the different tech you need to get your content out there to your audience.

What will be covered?

Website confusion

Each month we will focus on a specific topic to allow us to really focus on what we need to know. Membership will include:

💡 Guest experts to teach you everything you need to know about different tools
💡 Q&A sessions
💡 Suggestions on topics to cover for YOUR business

You will:
💡 Gain feedback from the experts on YOUR content
💡 Get quick to implement tips
💡 Master the tech like graphic design, mailing lists and social media

This is so much more than a copywriting tutorial, this is a complete marketing solution.

If you would like to join the Ultimate Content Mastermind and get a handle on your marketing then just fill in the contact form.

18 thoughts on “Being a small business owner is flipping hard!”

  1. Wow you’ve done a lot of hard work putting this fab membership together .
    This blog is a great read as usual 💚💜 I don’t expect anything different from you . Your experiences shine through ..🌞

    • Thank you, I can’t wait to get started on the Mastermind! It’s thousands of pounds worth of content, advice and tutorials for a small monthly fee.

    • It is so overwhelming, isn’t it? Once you think you’ve worked out what you need to do there’s either a whole load of new information you need to absorb to be able to do it in the first place or something new comes along like Reels or Clubhouse!

    • It is very lonely, especially over the last year where we haven’t even been able to go and work in a coffee shop or cafe.

    • Thank you for reading, the Mastermind is going to be an absolute gold mine of information for small business owners! I cannot wait to get stuck in!

    • And that’s before you even think about any of the tech stuff! I’m so excited to work with the members and make things easier for them.

    • That was what shocked me the most when I started, I hadn’t realised just how much there is to learn so this really is a one-stop-shop to cover all that and more. It’s almost like a ‘how to run a small business handbook’!

    • Scheduling posts is a lifesaver for me, it has really made life simpler and given me time back so that I can engage and nurture relationships as well as do the things I love!

  2. I’m a small business owner as well and I can relate to this post on several fronts. Glad you’re doing something to support others in the process too ❤️


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