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Social Media Planner & Tracker – NOW AVAILABLE

Watch the demo of the social media planner and tracker.

This comprehensive planner & tracker will be your one-stop shop when it comes to getting your social media presence under control. We all know how tough it is to work out what to post and that we should be keeping track of all those numbers but actually doing it is another thing. This planner & tracker will help you to create your own clear plan and evaluate what works (and doesn’t work) with your audience.

This complete Excel spreadsheet is not only reusable but it gets better with time! As you use it you will create a bank of content that you can reuse and your own bank of hashtags plus you will gain more insight into the preferences of your audience across all your platforms.

It gives you:

  • Space to store all your content ideas – no more bits of paper or notes everywhere!
  • Suggestions for awareness months and days that you may wish to acknowledge
  • Space to write your captions so you can copy and paste to where you need it
  • Space to curate your own bank of hashtags broken down by category and usage
  • Space to plan an entire month of content for all your social media platforms on one page
  • Space to note which images you want to use
  • Space to note down the engagement on each post so you can see what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Space to track your engagement over the month across all your platforms so that you can easily compare
  • Charts to show you your most common engagement types across your platforms
  • Charts to show you exactly how much engagement you get across all your platforms month by month

All this for just £45


The Back to Basics Workbook will reveal the secret you need to help you write ANYTHING for your business. It will then take you through the basics that you need to write for your business. You will start off by identifying your ideal client, you will then go on to write all the rest of your content with your ideal client in mind such as website, product or service descriptions, social media bios, lead magnet and blogging.

Just £19.99