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The Back to Basics Workbook will reveal the secret you need to help you write ANYTHING for your business. It will then take you through the basics that you need to write for your business. You will start off by identifying your ideal client, you will then go on to write all the rest of your content with your ideal client in mind such as website, product or service descriptions, social media bios, lead magnet and blogging.


Times have been tough for almost a year now and we are all missing seeing friends and family. To try and help alleviate some of the isolation I’m hosting a Friendship Cafe on Zoom on Tuesday mornings from 11 am. It’s just a chance for you to take some time for yourself to sit down with a hot drink and have a chat with people you’re not related to/live with. If you’d like to join us (it’s free and open to all) then click the link to book a ticket and it will send the Zoom link to your mailbox.