Writing Support Coming up in 2021!

So the craziest year any of us have ever experienced is over and 2021 has started in much the same way however there is light at the end of the tunnel with news of a third vaccine now approved for use in the UK. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before we can start to meet up with friends, family, and clients again.

As is traditional for this time of year I am busy making plans for the coming year and deciding which direction I want to take my business in so I thought I’d use this blog as an opportunity to tell you what’s in the pipeline.

First things first, a CRM.

Slay the day the Dubsado way!

The first thing I want to do for my business is to streamline the support and services that I offer. Behind the scenes, I’m implementing a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to help free up some of my time allowing me to further develop.

I’m really excited about introducing this because although you won’t necessarily notice from a customer point of view (unless you’re one of my regulars), it will have a huge positive impact on both sides.

I’ve chosen to go with Dubsado after being wowed with a demonstration by Elle Baldry Consulting.

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Dubsado is going to allow me to automate a lot of the paper trail whilst giving my clients access to a portal where they will easily be able to find all sorts of documents such as contracts, emails, invoices, completed forms, and quotes.

Dubsado will also allow prospective clients to check my schedule and book a discovery call which will automatically be added to my calendar and a Zoom meeting generated and sent to us both.

I can link it to my email address so that all messages sent to my clients will come from my account, it can link to Stripe and PayPal to allow clients to easily pay invoices, I can log my expenses and running costs and run reports so I can keep track of my cash flow and these are just the basics! If you use Zapier you can automate even more! Basically, it will replace a lot of the separate systems that I have been using and make everything work seamlessly together.

The thing I’m most impressed with about this system is that you can try all of the features for as long as you want completely for free. You won’t get charged as long as you have three or fewer clients logged in the system. Once you start getting charged it will only cost you $35 a month or $350 a year, this is around £26 a month or £260 a year. The company is American so billing is done in US Dollars.

As you can tell I’m totally I love with Dubsado and can’t wait to have it all up and running.

You can find out more and sign up for Dubsado by using my affiliate link. You’ll get 20% off (either your first month or your first year depending on the subscription you select) and if you sign up for a paid-for plan and I’ll get credits towards free months for my subscription.

What will I do with my new found spare time?

I’m going to use this extra time to put together a few key elements allowing me bring you much more value.

First off, I’m going to finish writing the self-study course that I’ve already started developing. It will show you in-depth how to write different elements and content types for your business as well as showing you how to save yourself time and stress when writing.

Of course, I realise that self-study is not for everyone and you may decide that you either need more support to allow you to complete your own writing or that you would rather I wrote on your behalf.

Either way, I have a solution for that. If you need more help and support with your writing but still want to do it yourself then a little later in the year I will be introducing a membership. This membership will allow you to gain support from both myself and a host of guest experts on writing all the things you could possibly need for your business. So you don’t miss out on the membership when it is ready to launch, why don’t you sign up for my mailing list then you will be the first to know about this and all my other developments. You can even get yourself a list of over 2 years worth of blog prompts by clicking here.

Enjoy the flexibility of a retainer.

Alternatively, you may well decide that you’d rather have me write for you. Perhaps you don’t have the time or you’re struggling with getting your thoughts to come across how you want them to. For this, you’ll want to sign up for my retainer service. This will give you 5 hours per month reserved exclusively for you which will give you the flexibility you need. After all, you’re not necessarily going to be having the same issue each month. The retainer will mean that if you are writing a course you can have some time spent on proofreading it, perhaps your ebook is almost good to go in which case you could use some of the time to have it edited, or maybe you want someone to write your blog and newsletter for you. The choice is yours. Once you’re signed up, at the start of the month we’ll have a Zoom call (one day we might even be able to meet up for a coffee) so you can tell me what tasks you need completing that month. All you need to then is send me any information or documents that I might need and then you can sit back a relax knowing that some more tasks are crossed off of your to-do list. To sign up for a retainer of £250 for 5 hours per month please get in touch with me and we’ll book a call.

What about personal development?

I have big plans to develop my blogging in 2021. Initially, I started because I ‘had to’ for my business. I soon discovered how much I loved it which has led to me offering blog copywriting as one of my services which I was surprised to see, quickly became my most popular service.

Now I want to expand on my blogging abilities and write more blogs not only for myself but also for my business and for my clients.

If you would like to hand over your blog writing to me for just £75 per blog, which includes all research as well as writing, please get in touch. I’m happy to send you samples of unpublished blogs I have written on behalf of others and also links to published blogs that I have written on behalf of others.

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Take care and stay safe.

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